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Duracell Plus 1.5V AAA Cell MN2400 Alkaline Blister Of 4

Duracell Plus 1.5V AAA Cell MN2400 Alkaline Blister Of 4


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Elevate the performance of your compact devices with Duracell Plus 1.5V AAA Cell MN2400 Alkaline Batteries, available in a convenient blister pack of 4. These AAA batteries are expertly engineered to provide a dependable and powerful energy source, making them perfect for devices that require a compact but strong power supply. As part of Duracell's distinguished Plus Alkaline range, they offer unmatched durability and energy efficiency, ensuring your devices are powered for longer periods.

  • Size & Voltage: Tailored as AAA 1.5V batteries, they're designed to fit and power smaller, more compact devices.
  • Alkaline Plus Range: Incorporated into Duracell's renowned Plus Alkaline series, these batteries are designed for superior endurance and robust power output.
  • Extended Longevity: Developed to last longer, they serve as the backbone for powering your essential devices.
  • Reliable Performance: Delivers consistent and sustained energy, ensuring smooth operation of your devices without interruption.
  • High-Quality Composition: Constructed with premium materials, these batteries offer excellent energy conservation and are built to prevent leakage.
  • Versatile Application: An optimal power solution for a broad spectrum of devices such as remote controls, flashlights, and digital cameras.

With Duracell Plus AAA batteries, you're not just choosing a longer-lasting energy source—you're choosing the reliability and quality that Duracell is known for. These batteries are crafted to meet the demands of both modern and traditional devices, ensuring that your everyday gadgets are always ready to perform. Trust Duracell Plus for your power needs and experience the difference in your daily device operations.

Also Known as: 24A, 24AC, 4003, 824, AAA, AM4, E92, K3A, LR03, MICRO, MN2400, ND61R, R03

Specification Details
Dimensions (mm) 44.5mm x 10.5mm
Range Duracell Plus
Pack Size 4
Weight 11 g
Rechargeable No
Chemistry Alkaline-Manganese Dioxide
Voltage 1.5V
Brand Duracell
Size MN2400
Capacity 1100mAh